Our Philosophy

Dentiste Saint-Constant is committed to providing quality dental care in a warm, positive and relaxed atmosphere. We want all our patients to have and maintain the best possible dental health, to be happy with their smiles and comfortable when they’re chewing. We provide all general dentistry services: exams and cleaning, fillings, root canals, extractions (including wisdom teeth), gum care, grafts, children’s dentistry, whitening, crowns and bridges, crown implants, and full or partial dentures. At Dentiste Saint-Constant, we consider dental health to be part of our patients’ overall health (while respecting your choice in this approach). It is very important to us that all our patients are happy to come see us, so we offer a gentle approach and friendly nature from all our personnel. We also put emphasis on dental disease prevention ahead of treatment, to reduce the likelihood of emergencies and unhappy surprises like painful or broken teeth.


Our centre offers dentistry to children and adults. We recommend the first visit to the dentist at the age of three. It’s of the utmost importance that children like to go to the dentist so they’ll grow up to do it willingly as adults. We’ve adopted certain measures to achieve that objective. For example, we won’t schedule an appointment for any child under the age of 10 for after 5 pm. Experience has taught us that a tired child does not respond well to dental treatments. Also, for remedial treatments (fillings, extractions), we ask parents to not be present in the treatment room so the child is able to develop a relationship of confidence with the dentist. This also lends itself to full attention and cooperation.


X-rays are essential to the complete and accurate diagnosis of diseases of the mouth. We are equipped with high-tech digital X-ray equipment that minimizes exposure to radiation. In actual fact, digital X-rays use 80% less radiation than traditional X-rays. From our point of view therefore, this is not a valid reason for refusing X-rays. If a patient will not accept the taking of X-rays, the dentist may have to refuse providing treatment on account of insufficient data for diagnosis and/or devising a proper treatment plan.


Our clinic accepts requests by electronic transfer from several insurance companies, and we make every possible effort for our patients to receive maximum benefits. We are, however, not responsible for the verification of treatment coverage. In order to prevent unfortunate surprises, we suggest that patients always submit plans for major treatment to their insurance companies and to consult their booklets to know what treatments are and are not covered by their programs. We therefore disclaim any responsibility if an involved treatment is not covered. Treatments and products provided by our clinic are tax-exempt. In addition, all items sold by our clinic are at base price (we do not make a profit).


Many dental treatments require “freezing” of the affected teeth. Some patients wish to undergo these treatments without anesthesia: it is essential that such patients advise their dentist of this preference during the first appointment. There may be serious consequences to being treated without anesthesia, and the dentist may ask the patient to sign an informed consent form so that he or she is aware of such consequences and accepts responsibility for them.

Cell Phones

Out of respect for the professionals who are taking care of you and in order to prevent malfunction of the clinic’s high-tech equipment, we ask patients to turn off their cell phones upon entry to the treatment room.

Verbal Abuse

We do not tolerate any form of verbal abuse or aggression in our clinic, whether in person or on the phone. If any person presents acts or words of this nature, her or his file will be immediately closed.

Policy On Cancelled And Missed Appointments

All of us at Dentiste Saint-Constant work hard to respect the time for your appointment. This is why we ask our patients to be on time for their appointments, so we can avoid delays in subsequent appointments. It’s not always possible to readjust the length of an appointment to accommodate the late arrival of another patient. In the event of appointments delayed by more than 20 minutes, the dentist or hygienist may reschedule the appointment to a later date.

Cancelled or missed appointments cause significant problems for the whole clinic. Our operating rooms are prepared for the treatments for which they’re scheduled, and the space is reserved for one specific patient and his/her needs. If this space is not used for its designated purpose because the patient did not show up, another patient loses a valuable opportunity for treatment. This is why we ask our patients to schedule their appointments in time slots that are unlikely to change, and to notify us at least 72 hours in advance of any need to cancel or change. Contrary to many other dental centres, we decided against imposing financial penalties for missed or cancelled appointments, and we ask you to help us treat as many patients as possible.